Welcome to adventure

Nature doesn’t care who you are.
Whether your ideal holiday is climbing K2 or just driving on the N2. Building a laager like in the days of old or cracking a post-adventure lager. Icy cold.
Whether you’re pitching a tent in a monsoon or fishing in South Broom. West Coast summer sets, Somerset West or sommer putting your 4X4 to the test.
You demand the best.

Products with stories as unique as the adventures you’re going on. Just Like Papa exists to facilitate any - and we mean any - outdoor pursuit. The only thing indoors about us is our showroom.
Wherever your wanderlust compels you to go, we bring that endless horizon one step closer.
Celebrating craftsmanship, old-school DIY, and properly made, field-tested products we believe in, JLP is your portal to Seeing more. Doing more. Learning more. Fixing more. Sharing more. Accepting more. Finding more. Living more.

Nature doesn’t care who you are,
but sometimes it cares about what you’ve got.

Just Like Papa - Explore. More.