It's about fixing things. It's about making things.
It's about getting your hands dirty the way your grandparents did.

‘Just Like Papa’ is a concept born out of a love for adventure and a deeply routed passion for self-reliance. It embraces taking on projects done by hand - Either on your own; or with the help of someone who’s done it before.

It’s the flick of a knife, the strike of a match, a change of a tyre. It’s lacing up the old boots, without dusting them off and shouting ‘timber’ instead of buying the wood. It’s bringing tales of the great outdoors back to the city, but more importantly, having all the tools necessary to make life in the city feel more like the great outdoors.

It’s practical and uncomplicated. It’s every day being an opportunity for a new, kickass adventure - No matter where. No matter when. No matter how big or small.

It started with bricks and mortar

“They don’t make them like they used to” is not something you’ll be hearing at Just Like Papa. That’s because we’re an outdoor store that specialises in curated collections of premium-quality adventure products that are authentic, trusted and stand the test of time. We’re talking products that get better with age, just like the stories they’re involved in.

Just Like Papa is the urban adventurer’s dream destination - A place to gear up; a place to discover new need-to-haves; a place to share excitement over upcoming expeditions or even just your go-to-store to buy a gift or to get that thing that’ll make doing that other thing so much more enjoyable.

The Location

We are located in Cape Town, in the bustling East City.
You can reach us by car, bike or even better... by foot.