Well, we don't literally ship products across the country, that would be silly, ships belong in the ocean. In saying that though, yes, we can get your product to you no matter where you are in the country via other modes of transportation.

While we would love to offer this service, we, unfortunately, do not. This is due to the fact that there is a dedicated Leatherman service depot full of Leatherman Elves that come out at night and specialise in one thing, and one thing only - fixing the crap out of Leathermans. Lucky for you we are tight with the elves, so just drop off with us and we will pass it on to our magical compadres for repair.


We do and damn is she beautiful - 73 Harrington Street, District 6, Cape Town.

Gear that is used, but not abused. It could be a minor packaging defect, a nick, a dent, or small blemishes on a product that we then sell at a massive discount. You're welcome! (You can still tell your friends you bought it at full price, they will never know the difference).

That is like asking who's a better actor - Pacino or Matt Damon in Team America.

We only stock the best of the best, and we test EVERYTHING before deciding if it meets the criteria of making it onto our floor.