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Fire Starter Supply Pack

Fire Starter Supply Pack

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Being able to start a fire is an essential outdoor skill. Our Fire Starter Supply Pack includes a ferrocerium (ferro) rod, a ceramic striker and two types of synthetic kindling to enable you to spark a flame in the most adverse conditions. We’ve also included a wire saw with canvas handles and a razor blade to help you cut and shave the dry kindling you need.

    • 5 waterproof Tinder Quick fire starting tabs
    • Ferrocerium Rod
    • Custom Ceramic Striker
    • Adhesive material sticks to any surface
    • Build six fires with a half-ounce tin
    • One nickel-size amount will burn 6-10 minutes
    • Weatherproof ignition works in hot, cold, wet, and wind
    • Wire saw has strap handles and 60 lbs working strength
    • Gets to hard-to-reach areas, cuts through wood, bone, and soft metals
    • Razor shaves small kindling, saw cuts larger pieces to keep fires roaring
    • Canvas strap handles provide most effective cutting
    • Made with five independent, tightly-woven stainless steel wires
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