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Mini Filter Kit SP128

Mini Filter Kit SP128

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The sawyer Mini Water Filter is rated for an absolute filtration level of 0.1 Micron, and will remove particles, bacteria, protozoa, and cysts from source water.

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter uses a cluster of microfibrous tubes (Ultra Filtration). The water is drawn through the side walls of the hollow tubes, and out the small outlet holes, while the particles, bacteria, protozoa and cysts remain on the outer wall of the hollow fibre tubes.



  • Light weight, only 56 grams
  • Small, compact
  • Ideal for outdoor use, such as hiking, camping, cycling, emergency preparedness, and travel.
  • Inline: The Sawyer mini filter can be used with hydration packs / water storage backpacks.
  • Straw: Using the straw attachment you can draw water directly from a source water, through the sawyer filter, and into your month.
  • Squeeze Bag: Using the squeeze bag provided with the unit, you can fill the bag from a source water. Then squeeze the water out of the bag, through the sawyer mini water filter, and into another container, glass, or straight into your mouth.
  • Bottles: The Sawyer mini filter's design means that the unit can be screw on to most plastic bottle tops (with 28mm) such as cold drink or water bottles.
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